Wedding night at the Farmette

So it has been a while since I’ve checked in. Simply put, summer got away from me.

The wet spring and a sometimes-functioning lawnmower led to playing catch-up with the yard in advance of our wedding at the end of June. Those preparations were extensive – and the result absolutely worth it – despite sucking up every bit of available free time. Then came the honeymoon and two spectacular weeks touring northern Italy. A quick weekend trip to camp separated our return from the calendar flipping to August. And then I hit 40.

In a blink, summer dissipated. Along with it went my goal of hitting 40 streams for 40 years.

Not much I could do about it other than to look ahead. Which I am going to do with a new quest. The new goal is to hit 41 streams for 41 years.

Again, the ultimate goal with this quest is to make sure I am getting outside to connect with nature, rejuvenate and revitalize myself. An added benefit is it forces me to write, which is something I haven’t been doing enough of lately either.

I’m excited to pick this back up, detail a few fishing trips that have already taken place, and head into our hunting seasons. It’s about that time.

Summer’s blink